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Eva I. Chao

Candidate for BART Director

Leaders and Organizations Supporting Eva I. Chao for BART Board

Hon. Steven Glazer, State Senator, District 7

Hon. Debora Allen, BART Board Director, District 1

Hon. James Fang, Monterey Heights, BART Board Director, District 1 (1991-2015)

BART Police Officers Association

Bay Area Transportation Working Group

"I was at the Save Muni meeting the other night. You came across as significantly smarter, more independent and more informed about BART...than your competitors. It's clear that you've been doing some homework."

- Jerry Cauthen, President, Bay Area Transportation Working Group

Let's make BART stand for "Be Accountable to Riders and Taxpayers."

The Politicians at BART have misallocated resources, giving riders the lowest priority. Anxious passengers hope for safe, undelayed trips. Filthy stations are considered normal. Workers lack tools and parts for maintenance. Understaffed police lead to disastrous results.

Politicians pledge "Safe-Reliable-Clean" transit, but no one can deliver unless they differ from the status quo, aren't tethered to the establishment's pocketbooks to pay back special interests or refuse to use BART to reach higher office.

It's time for new leadership.

I will reform BART's priorities for ALL riders, not selective groups, so we can reduce the number of cars. The board's prioritization of housing development at BART stations over police and disabled access does not serve you, the Riders or Taxpayers.

I'm a graduate of Lowell High School and of UC Berkeley Haas Business School with 20 years' experience as a San Francisco business owner, CFO and service industry executive.

As a BART rider and San Francisco businesswoman, I will provide fiscally accountable, independent leadership that prioritizes you, Riders and Taxpayers.

I need your vote for real leadership and change!


- Eva Chao